Nutritional Facts

NEW! Albie’s Apple Jammer Meets “Smart Snack” Requirements!

Albie’s is pleased to announce that our Whole Grain Apple-Filled Jammer Sticks meet the requirements for the “Smart Snacks in School” designation!  These delicious breadsticks are stuffed with apple filling and coated with cinnamon/sugar glaze.  Each 3.5 oz. breadstick is individually wrapped.  Simply thaw and serve them, or they can be heated.  Each stick contains Child Nutrition equivalents of 1/8 cup Fruit and 2 Grains.  Our Apple Jammer Sticks come in a 72 count foodservice case pack.  Shelf life is 12 months frozen or 7 days under refrigeration.  They are a great breakfast, snack, or dessert solution!


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